What is Athleisure?

You may have noticed a new trend in your city or on your favorite celebrities in gossip magazines and how popular it has become. Athletic wear or Athleisure has become a favored new trend. Instead of wearing it to workout, or for outdoor wear, it has become a wardrobe used daily whether you’re going out on the town or staying in. Athleisure clothing lines can be seen in most popular retailers and websites.

With bold patterns and vibrant colors, athletic wear is really making a statement. Most retailers have added it to their brands, because of the increasing popularity of yoga pants and workout gear. Depending on the brand, these may come with a rather large cost based on the demand of these articles of clothing. They’re fun, they’re adventurous and in ways they promote a healthier lifestyle.

In a recent article, a popular Athleisure brand was featured called Fabletics. You might have seen a commercial or advertisement featuring Kate Hudson, a well known actress. This brand has really become a hit which may have something to do with the excellent prices and sign on incentives.

Based on your profile you can have a set of athletic wear sent to you each month. Compared to prices of big name brands, Fabletics is a wonderful deal and has cute, trendy Athleisure pieces. To read more about Kate Hudsons line, visit: How Life Works homepage.

The Coupon Lady said that Fabletics is a great opportunity to experience Athleisure wear at its finest. Instead of paying upwards of sixty to ninety dollars for some yoga pants, Fabletics offers complete outfits at a decent price.