The making of a Leader in the Real Estate Development

Hussain Sajwani is DAMAC owner,a residential real estate company. The real estate began its operation in 2012 after the Dubai government allowed foreigners to own property within Emirates. Hussain Sajwani saw non-emiratis as potential buyers and before Sajwani could finish his development projects close to 38 residential buildings had already been sold out in six months. Hussain and Sajwani family has over time strived to put Dubai on the map by making it a glittering destination.


For instance, at the beginning of 2013, Hussain Sajwani teamed up with Donald Trump to develop two international golf courses. The trump international golf course was established at the Akoya residential development while the other will be developed at the Damac developments and the course is scheduled for the opening before the end of 2018.


Soon after he was sworn in as the president of the United States, Trump described Hussain Sajwani as an amazing man who had just offered him a business deal worth two billion which he had to turn down. Before venturing into real estate, Hussain Sajwani was in the food service industry where he attracted different clients including the United States military.


Damac properties have been a pioneer in the luxury real estate industry since 2012, delivering luxurious commercial, leisure and residential properties in different regions including the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Damac has branded itself as a leader in stylish living given that it has developed over 19,000 homes. Additionally, it has a development portfolio that features more than 44,000 units in each of its development stages


As a leader in real estate development, Damac properties strive to provide clients with unique homes and stylish living concepts. What’s more, they are committed to helping couples settle on the right home by guiding them on investing in properties that offer high investment returns. Damac group success comes from their tireless effort of selecting and retaining knowledgeable employees.


This means sourcing for the right partners including award-winning contractors, designers, and architects. They also identify and select sophisticated building materials as well as prime development locations that brings out unmatched results. Taking into account what they have learnt from their clients in the past fifteen years, you can be rest assured that they are leaders in luxury destination and bespoke homes.


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