The Financial Planning Expert David Giertz

Giertz observes that pensions are not a secure way to guarantee financial stability upon retire. He points out the example of the rapidly diminishing social security pension reserves on LinkedIn. Giertz instead recommends for a program that converts the social security fund into an income generating capital rather from its unproductive form as a finite and exhaustible capital.

David Giertz is Nationwide Investment Corporation’s financial advisor. His experience in financial matters spans over three decades. Giertz further pursues a broker career as FINRA registered member. FINRA register broker-dealers engaged in the purchase and sale of securities including bonds, stocks, mutual funds and similar financial portfolios products. Firms under FINRA umbrella have the legal mandate to participate in securities transactions clients’ representatives as dealers or brokers.

Before his current position at Nationwide, David Giertz served various companies in different capacities. His first job was at Citicorp where he served as the company’s financial services advisor. Giertz earned promotion to become Citicorp’s area director. He then took the executive vice president sales position in 1989 and served until 1993 when he moved to Financial Horizon Security Corporation at He then joined Nationwide Financial Distribution where he served as senior vice president and then as Nationwide Life Insurance Company salesperson since 2013. Giertz also serves as senior vice president, president, and director for other multinationals. As the current president of Nationwide Financial Distribution, Giertz is responsible for organization and implementation of the business strategies of allocation of portfolios products and services offered by the company on its Vimeo site.

David Giertz currently serves a registered and accredited broker. He holds a practice license from FINRA and supervisory/principal exam as well as the State Securities Law and General Industry & Products Exam. Among his legacy in the financial industry include steering the growth of Nationwide Distribution to a $17.8 billion revenue-earning company from $11 billion. He further helped the company to exceed its profit and loss target. David Giertz is also behind the success of wholesale strategy and distribution across different sectors including independent dealers/brokers, private-sector retirement programs, life insurance, warehouses, regional firms, specialty markets, annuities, and IMOs.