Securus Technologies Praised For Crime Prevention Technology By Clients

Recently Rick Smith, CEO and President of Securus Technologies commented on the hundreds of emails that Securus receives weekly regarding their technology and customer service. The responses have been very positive in nature, praising the customer service department for their quick responses in providing information to the correct law enforcement agencies when needed. Customers have also commented on the technology, specifically the voice recognition software and how it makes investigating phone conversations that much easier. The original article, containing examples of emails received, can be accessed here.


Securus Technologies has been expanding their business and creating or updating software on a weekly basis. Securus holds the most patents for new inmate communications technology than any other inmate communications company. Securus has recently expanded and upgraded their communication and customer service building to the latest in technology.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has been serving the public safety and penal systems since 1986. Securus systems are located in over 3400 public safety and prison systems and they service 1,200,000 images daily with safety and communication systems. Securus specializes in information management, investigation, incident management, inmate self service, biometric analysis, emergency response, and monitoring products and services. Securus has extended the invitation for competitors and their own clients, as well as any potential investors toxins visit their new customer service building.