Securus Technologies Helpful in Evidence Collection

When my team of crime scene investigators need to preserve evidence, we will do or go anywhere in order make sure we have all that is needed to help authorities to close the books on the case. With the case we were dealing with, though we collected everything at the scene, it didn’t appear to be enough to hold the suspect for long. Despite a confession, his lawyer had it tossed on a technicality. That meant that unless the suspect himself told the authorities what happened, he may walk a free man.


On a recent trip to the jail, we noticed officers talking about the new inmate call monitoring system. This system was installed by Securus Technologies, a Dallas-based company that has years experience and thousands of these systems in jails all around the country. The CEO of the company, Richard Smith, says his employees work hard each day towards the only objective of his company, making the world safer for all. It was this resource we thought could help us in the investigation if someone was willing to just come forward with information.


When word travels in jail, it travels fast. It seemed that the inmates were talking about us investigating this case, and it also put a scare into our suspect. We noticed he was on the phone with family more than usual, and in a strange twist, started to get coached by his sister on how to answer questions. The part of this conversation that was very revealing was that even though she was instructing her brother what to say, she was also talking about things only the person who committed the crime would know.


Each conversation that she coached her brother only solidified our evidence and allowed us to keep him behind bars for those crimes that were committed.