How Paul Mampilly Helps Middle-Class Investors Reach Their Dreams

As an accomplished investor, Paul Mampilly has made a fortune investing in companies. He used to work on Wall Street but eventually he grew disillusioned with the lifestyle and focus on making money for the richest people in the United States. He retired from Wall Street at a relatively early age and instead now focuses on helping regular people invest for both retirement and other financial needs.

The way that Paul Mampilly helps people save for retirement is by writing a financial newsletter targeted at middle-class investors. His newsletter is called Profits Unlimited and in the year it has been on the market it has achieved more than 60,000 subscribers making it one of the leading newsletters in the industry. Each month he offers a new investing recommendation and then backs it up with the research he has done into that company.

One of the reasons that people are so interested in what Paul Mampilly has to say about investing is that he was the winner of the 2009 Templeton Foundation investing challenge. Everyone involved in the contest had to start with $50 million and over the course of the challenge achieve the biggest return. Mampilly won this challenge when he garnered a return of $38 million, turning that initial $50 million into $88 million.

In order to reach the regular investor and explain in a way anybody can understand, Paul Mampilly writes in a way that is understandable. He doesn’t go into industry jargon and instead uses regular English to explain why he thinks a company is about to over-perform and thus have their stock go up in value by quite a bit.

Paul Mampilly is a graduate of a number of universities. His first degree was achieved at Montclair State University where he earned a degree in finance and accounting. He went on to earn an MBA in 1997 at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. His latest degree, earned in 1999, was a financial engineering degree he garnered as a student at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering.

While Mampbilly lived in New York he worked to help others less fortunate than himself. Among his activities was serving as a food distribution volunteer for the Coalition of the Homeless, Inc. He also helped children as he participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for several months serving as a mentor for an 11 year old child.