Dick DeVos Leads Gold Cup Race

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida a yacht racing event known as the Gold Cup is taking place. It is a highly competitive event but also an exciting one. In this event a number of participants race with their yacht boats and look to win. This year has 32 contestants due to an expansion of younger less experienced sailors. As a result it is the most competitive race in recent years. Despite there being a number of participants, business tycoon Dick DeVos is leading the race by a single point. He is currently leading over the current champion and may be in position to become the champion if he can keep up his current pace.

While Dick DeVos has a passion for yacht racing, he is also an active participant in charitable causes. Over the years, Dick has made a number of contributions to causes to artistic, free market economic and also educational organizations. With these contributions he has been able to help his community expand more opportunities for gaining knowledge as well as creating jobs.

One of the main charitable causes that DeVos has contributed to is educational. Over the years he has provided funds for scholarships to help finance the education of business students. Since business school can be quite expensive, he has been able to give funds to some students who have lots of potential to become top managers. With these scholarships he will have the means to help a number of people get the educational credentials they need in order to improve their career opportunities. This will then make them better managers and allow them to reach their full career potential.

DeVos has been an active participant in the arts as well. He has given over 22 million dollars in funds for artistic causes. These include professional development for arts managers as well as organizing an art competition known as ArtPrize. The professional development has helped managers of artistic organizations to enhance their knowledge in order to help make these organizations better.

Another one of DeVos’ charitable endeavors has been free market economics. Every year he gives money to organizations to build better facilities, develop programs to enhance the potential of entrepreneurs and also find ways to help people get more knowledge through scholarships.