Impressionable facts about Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist and operates in the state of Massachusets. She graduated with her degrees in psychology from the University of Southern California in 1981. Rocklage has more than twenty years of experience in the psychotherapy and has been helping people to handle their problems in the high state of Boston metropolitan area.

She also has a warm and welcoming character and is very great psychotherapist through her several years of practice and know-how in the field. Through her engaging style, Patty puts individuals at ease so that they are in a position to focus on the changes that they need to implement in their lives.

Besides, she also offers guidance and counseling to families and couples in marriage to help them in their time of difficulty. In her many years as a psychotherapist, she has also gained diverse skills in many other fields, including public speaking, coaching, teaching and team building. She has also helped build people`s morale and enabled them to experience personal growth. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: and

Patty is also a strong believer in community and the essence of giving back to her people. Through her humble heart, she and her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage gave an amendable gift to the University of Massacheutecs institute of technology and chemistry department in 2016, so that they could build and make a change in their Nanotechnology and Nanochemistry lab that has been of great use to several scholars.

On the other hand, patty also believes on the importance of connecting with her clients and understands the sensitive nature of their problems. She also exercises confidentiality when it comes to her client’s problems and also works towards bringing out the best in her career.

The psychotherapist is married to Scott Rocklage, and they live in Sudbury Massachetics where the two are known and highly regarded by many people.

She also believes in the importance of education and has funded many projects including the Sudanese education fund which focuses on helping individuals from southern Sudan who moved to massacheutics to find stable jobs and good education.