Honey Birdette Lingerie Is Getting The Attention It Deserves In The United States

The lingerie brand that has begun to spread its wings in the United States is none other than the Honey Birdette brand. The Australian lingerie brand has established a dedicated e-commerce site and getting lots of attention.

The brand founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 has done so well that its popularity in the US has increased sales by 374 percent in the past year alone. What’s amazing is the Honey Birdette is enhancing the customer experience to include faster delivery, and all orders over $50 will receive “free” delivery. They are making returns easier and extending the product line in the United States.

Aside from expanding their sales to the US, Honey Birdette has opened a retail store in London’s Covent Garden, another in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City and are planning an even larger expansion in the UK to extend their sales capabilities to 40 stores by the end of 2018. The total stores now in operation is 55 and rising in Europe.

This exciting and sexy line of women’s lingerie and undergarments is uniquely designed to enhance the purview of a woman, and increase her confidence and beauty while promoting luxury.

The Honey Birdette line is financially backed by the preeminent private investment company BBRC. This investment company founded by Brett Blundy in 1980. With more than thirty-five years of successful investments, they are confident their expansion of music, Sanity Entertainment Group, to lingerie will be an addition to their success. The investment management team is thorough in their research and expects Honey Birdette is a continuation of their outstanding performance.

The website has a clean, simplistic, well-organized, appearance. Uncluttered and apparently uses live models. The garment selection is exquisite and beautifully designed, and delicately adorned.

It is no wonder how the Honey Birdette lingerie line dominated the launch of so many successful new retail stores in Europe and achieved the sales growth in the United States.