San Diego Financial Expert Brian Bonar Is Named A 2016 Cambridge Who’s Who Honoree

Two men and two women are chosen in different industries every year, and they are named the executives of the year in their chosen field. Cambridge Who’s Who members come from every industry and the members are at different levels in their careers. Cambridge Who’s Who is the foremost publisher of entrepreneurial, executive and professional biographies for members in the top industries like healthcare, law, finance, and education – Board of Directors – Dalrada Financial.

The international membership of Cambridge Who’s Who is primarily located in English-speaking countries. England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States are the main member-countries, but there are members in other countries as well. There are more than 400,000 members of Cambridge Who’s Who, and the organization helps its members by providing branding tools. These tools include networking opportunities, image building resources, as well as career development incentives that put members on the right track to achieve success in their respective industries. Brian Bonar, the San Diego entrepreneur, and financial expert, is one of the Cambridge Who’s Who honorees for 2016.

According to BitsYlink, Brian Bonar is a successful financial manager and the CEO of San Diego-based Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar has been the CEO of Dalrada for more than 10 years, and in that role he has helped companies establish effective employee benefit packages, human resource programs, and other services that enhance corporate functions, improve bottom line profits and increase productivity.

Bonar is a 30-year veteran in the financial industry, and his main objective is to help medium sized businesses reach their projected goals. Dalrada is known for its ability to identify internal glitches and develops a comprehensive plan to fix them.

Mr. Bonar is involved in the development of San Diego’s image as not only the home of the San Diego Zoo, but also an entertainment city that rivals its sister city, Los Angeles. Bonar is currently working on a 144-acre entertainment venue project in the city and you can get more details here: and

He recently opened the French Bistro, known as Bellamy’s, and it has received praises from tourists and locals for the food and ambiance.

When the executive committee of Cambridge, Who’s Who® picked Bonar as one of the recipients of the 2016 honor they did it based on Bonar’s past and present performance in the financial industry as well as for his other business interests. Brian has been recognized for his financial expertise many times, but the Cambridge, Who’s Who® honor comes at an important time in his illustrious career.

Brain Bonar recently said that being a member of the organization has helped him appreciated the unity that exists in the global corporate world.