Dick DeVos Has Given Millions Of Dollars To Help Others

When people are in need of assistance, they have a few places that they can go for help. The places where people can go for help tend to vary from city to city. However, many of the places that people can go for help are in existence because of people who took the time to make financial contributions. The amount of the contributions can be small or large, but all contributions matter in the overall picture. Many small contributions can add up to a significant amount of money.


In the world today, Philanthropy is talked about a great deal. People know through various sources who give certain amounts of money. Therefore, it is hard for people to give large sums of money without people finding out about the amount giving. Philanthropy helps thousands of people on a daily basis. Many people in need are able to receive help because of people who have been willing to give of their financial resources.


An individual who is known as a giver is Dick DeVos. With contributions made in his lifetime that total almost 140 million dollars, Dick DeVos has given to many different charities. Some of the charities are his own while some charities are ran by others. The charities are numerous and varied, but Dick DeVos gives. He has given for many years. His wife Betsy DeVos also gives. Both have certain causes that are special to their hearts.


Dick DeVos has financially supported causes such as education for many years. He supports public education change, and he provides help to many students looking to further their education. The amount of money given by Dick DeVos is substantial. Many people have been helped through his given.


I think that Dick DeVos has made giving a part of is life. He has done it for so long that his efforts sometimes go unnoticed, but he does not do it for publicity. Dick DeVos does it because he cares about people. The same can be said about is wife. Both have a desire to give and help others who cannot help themselves or need some help.


Dick DeVos is a very successful businessman. He has held several top executive positions at various companies in his career such as the Orlando Magic and Amway. He is the President of Windquest where he has shown an outstanding ability to lead the company as its top executive.


Dick DeVos has been able to give millions of dollars because he has been able to earn many more millions during his business career. A smart businessman who understands what it takes to be an effective executive, Dick DeVos is respected in the business world for his business savvy and dedication.


Philanthropist George Soros Is Not Giving Up The Battle Against Trump

Some people call Donald Trump the “Twitter-in-Chief.” Donald likes to send an endless barrage of short social messages. The fact that Trump won the election is not music to anyone’s ears that voted for Clinton. The amount of backlash from the 2016 election is unprecedented. Millions of voters are still in shock, and they don’t know what to do about it. But there is one man that is not pulling back, and just accepting Trump as the most powerful leader in the Western World. His name is George Soros.

George Soros is the billionaire humanitarian that spent more than ten million to get Hillary Clinton and other Democrats elected. Some people say Soros spent more than $14 million on the election, and he is not done giving. Ever since Trump won, there has been a surge in hate crimes. The Southern Poverty Law Center recorded more than 800 hate crimes since the beginning of November, and that number doesn’t include online harassment. The eighty-six-year-old Soros is a Holocaust survivor, so hate crimes are something he has a hard time accepting. George Soros decided that he would put up more than $10 million through his Open Society Foundation to track hate crimes. The federal system is weak when it comes to tracking hate crimes, so the Open Society Foundation will pick up the federal slack, according to Amardeep Singh. Singh is the program officer for the National Security, and Human Rights Campaign at the Open Society Foundation.

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Hate crimes aren’t the only issue that George Soros is addressing when it comes to Trump’s win. The Democratic Alliance Donor Club recently had a conference in Washington to discuss the Trump situation. Soros is the founder of that alliance. The Democratic Alliance wants to keep Trump honest during his first 100 days in office, and every day after that. In other words, George Soros and other Democratic heavy hitters will make sure that Trump doesn’t make a mockery out of the presidency. That seems to be a tall order at the moment, but Soros is used to challenges.

The George Soros story should be a movie, and probably will be when he passes on. George fled Hungary during the Nazi occupation. He went to London, and he was able to enroll in the London School of Economics in 1947. He earned two degrees from that institution. He started to work in the investment industry, but a friend told him about an investment job in New York. Soros got the job, moved to New York, and started his illustrious investment career. Over the last 60 years, George Soros has been able to build a personal fortune. He is one of the wealthiest people on the planet. But he is not afraid to give his money away to help promote Democracy and freedom.

Trump may have won the election, but he is in the battle of his life with people like George Soros. Soros doesn’t lose often, and when he does, he makes adjustments. Trump has no idea what the Soros adjustments will be, but he will know soon.

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The Strong Personality of Malini Saba and How Her Demeanor Shook Up the Business World

This is a wonderful time for women to be alive. There are women like Hilary Clinton that are running for president. There are other women like Malini Saba that are showing aspiring business women that there is room at the top. So many women may have thought that they didn’t have a voice, but Malini Saba has shown tons of women that financial matters can be a road to riches.


I can respect what Malini Saba has built with Saban, her investing firm, and the Stree Foundation, her non-profit organization, because she has built it from the ground up. There is no shortage of accolades when it comes to her professional business demeanor. She deserves all the praise that she has received from other business professionals because Malini Saba has put the work in. I love what she stands for because there are so many women that do not know a thing about funding a business. I know about women like Kimora Lee that rule the fashion world. I know about women in power in entertainment like Taylor Swift. What I would have never guessed is that there were venture capitalists like Malini Saba that were calling the shots for new business startups. This is amazing.


I don’t doubt that she is influencing other people that may have never had the chance to consider a profession in the business world before discover Saba. She has given to various charities and started her own charity. This has made her someone that has helped at-risk women become healthier and educated. She is inspiring business women, but she is also lifting the entire population women. Around the world there are women that are benefiting from the work that she is doing. This is a great legacy for Malini Saba to leave behind, but this is just the start of what she is doing. Saba still has many more years ahead of her. There is still a great amount of work to be done, and she seems prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.


I have heard her say that she is a risk taker, and she learns from all of her experiences whether the outcome is good or bad. I think that this shows a sign of maturity, and it also shows that she takes advantage of the experience to learn new things. She empowers other women with her strong demeanor.



Avi Weisfogel’s Mission To Improve Lives

There are many Dentists in this world, but very few are as ambitious and caring as Avi Weisfogel. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. He Specialties in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dental sufferers, and dental fears.

He is so talented in his chosen field that he often helps patients that come to him by other dentists who did not know how to help their patient.

Avi Weisfogel has a strong desire to help people in the best way possible. The desire to help people leads him to continue education whenever he can. He averages two hundred hours of continuing education every year. Due to the education he receives, he can help a larger amount of people while reducing discomfort and fear.

He uses his talents to support the organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an organization started in 1980 to help children in need throughout the world. They specialize in cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities.

He leads a full life, yet his talents do not end here. He has entered the music world! He is involved in making hip-hop music and is talented enough to have a large group of followers on Soundcloud! Very few people have the ambition, style, and kindness to accomplish all of this.

A Plan to Infiltrate George Soros’ Open Society Foundation Exposed

A plan to infiltrate Open Society Foundation funded by the billionaire and owner of Soros Fund Management, George Soros have been exposed. According to a report by Raw Story, the plan was executed by James O’Keefe, right on the trace of his phone after he forgot to hang up in a conversation with a representative of Open Society Foundation, Geraghty.

During their conversation, O’Keefe identified himself as a Hungarian, “Victor Kesh.’ And as he was conversing with Dana Geraghty, James O’Keefe lies of his intention to support the society in its endeavor of promoting what he depicts as ‘European Values’ and other popular activities. O’Keefe enquired about who he could talk to about his intentions and while he was supposed to hang up his call, he forgot to do so for reasons only known to himself.

O’Keefe talked of how he planned to make hundreds such calls to the organization. He planned to open a LinkedIn page by using the name ‘Geraghty’ to ease his way deeper into the organization. O’Keefe also planned to infiltrate the organization by sending an under representative to make secret video of the embarrassing activities that the organization was involved in. Geraghty was frightened by the plan of some people opting to use his name to infiltrate the organization and to counteract the plan, she quickly forwarded the message to Chris Stone, the president of OSF.
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About Open Society Foundation and George Soros

Popularly known as the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundation. According to excerpts from New York Times, his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management has net worth of more than $18 billion. It is a family of fund dealing in international investments. Forbes position George Soros as the 27th richest person in the world with wealth worth $23 billion.

His Organization, Open Society Organization operates across the world presently in more than 100 countries. The company was run on a budget of over $800 million as at the year ended 2011. The organization is involved in promoting the fundamental values of the open society such as human rights and transparency.

George Soros is also known for his contribution and support for philanthropy, progressive ideas and liberal politics. He begin pursuing philanthropy in 1979 by sponsoring the Black students of South Africa during the apartheid period. As an accomplished author, Soros has written a number of books, articles and essays on various controversial issues including economics, globalization, society, human rights and politics. His popular books include ‘Open Society’, The Crash of 2008 and what it means’, The Age of Fallibility’ among others. Soros is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Masters in Philosophy from the University of London. Source:

Dick DeVos Leads Gold Cup Race

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida a yacht racing event known as the Gold Cup is taking place. It is a highly competitive event but also an exciting one. In this event a number of participants race with their yacht boats and look to win. This year has 32 contestants due to an expansion of younger less experienced sailors. As a result it is the most competitive race in recent years. Despite there being a number of participants, business tycoon Dick DeVos is leading the race by a single point. He is currently leading over the current champion and may be in position to become the champion if he can keep up his current pace.

While Dick DeVos has a passion for yacht racing, he is also an active participant in charitable causes. Over the years, Dick has made a number of contributions to causes to artistic, free market economic and also educational organizations. With these contributions he has been able to help his community expand more opportunities for gaining knowledge as well as creating jobs.

One of the main charitable causes that DeVos has contributed to is educational. Over the years he has provided funds for scholarships to help finance the education of business students. Since business school can be quite expensive, he has been able to give funds to some students who have lots of potential to become top managers. With these scholarships he will have the means to help a number of people get the educational credentials they need in order to improve their career opportunities. This will then make them better managers and allow them to reach their full career potential.

DeVos has been an active participant in the arts as well. He has given over 22 million dollars in funds for artistic causes. These include professional development for arts managers as well as organizing an art competition known as ArtPrize. The professional development has helped managers of artistic organizations to enhance their knowledge in order to help make these organizations better.

Another one of DeVos’ charitable endeavors has been free market economics. Every year he gives money to organizations to build better facilities, develop programs to enhance the potential of entrepreneurs and also find ways to help people get more knowledge through scholarships.

Philanthropist Sanjay Shah’s Creation of Awareness on Autism

Philanthropist Sanjay Shah was born and raised in Kenya. His family later relocated and moved to London. He studied medicine at Kings College. Along the way he discovered that he did not have the passion to be a doctor. He enrolled for an accounting and finance course where his interests were. Upon his graduation he was employed in very good firms in banking and accounting positions including Stanley Morgan and many others. He later quit employment and ventured into private practice where he started by employing university graduates in his brokerage firm. Within a very short time his empire had grown tremendously.

Sanjay Shah is the Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital which is located in England but also has offices in Dubai. He has established a very big business empire with other companies that he also manages under the umbrella of Solo Capital markets. Solo capital was established in the year 2011 as a financial institution and has since grown to be a big institution. The company’s net profits are very huge such that Sanjay ventured into being a philanthropist.

Sanjay started and organization called Autism Rocks when his son was diagnosed with autism. This was necessitated because of what his family went through in trying to get medication for his son. He managed to arrange for his sons medication and therapy.

He has managed to offer treatment to children in India who suffer from autism through his foundation. In England he bought buses to transport autism patients to and from the hospital. At one time the philanthropist felt that his businesses were doing so good that he decided to take a break from them and concentrate on his Autism Rocks foundation where he invests most of his time to help children living with autism.

This organization funds research on ways to deal with autism and runs a campaign of creating awareness. He partners with musicians and holds concerts which raise money for his organizations objectives.