The Up’s and Down’s of an Online Reputation Management Company

The Company Status Labs, based out of Austin, Texas, is an online reputation and crises management firm. Over a year ago however, the company was faced with it’s own reputation crises. This came with the news that the company had been dragged through a situation where negative press had come due to the actions of a former executive, while outside of his role from the company. The firm has helped over 1,000 individuals and businesses with helping to build their reputation. With providing a second chance to the business and those individuals that they help, when finding themselves in the same position this was no different. In beginning to rebuild themselves, they started with a change of leadership, this came after other employees had asked for the resignation from the executive in place at the time. This step helped to put faces to the companies name which had become a target of hatred. This also helped the company relate to those that they helped more, when realizing what a crisis can truly do to a company.


Some of the services that are offered with Status Labs includes Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Crisis Response. Status Labs helps to increase the online brand for the digital footprints in image management, they offer creative solutions that are tailored to client’s needs. Their goal is helping their client’s as best they can, as

they look for the best search results to public relations strategies and increasing sales status. Status labs has a team of almost 20 individuals, each with their own unique attributes that they bring to the company.


Status Labs has it’s headquarters in Austin, but also has offices in both New York and Sao Paulo. The company has been in the management business that has served more then 1500 clients, as well as in more then 35 countries. These include company’s such as public figures and Fortune 100 brands. Along with the other staff at Status labs, they also provide a advisory board for the client’s use. As well as information in order to contact them, which can be done by phone or by a chat system they have set up on their website.

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