Cotemar Mexico | A Leading Provider for The Energy Industry

Cotemar Mexico is a leading provider for the energy industry in Mexico. The company maintains a highly-skilled and trained team of employees. Their employees exude high understanding of this highly- dynamic industry. They are well-compensated and the company’s management maintains a friendly environment for them. Such treatment of their employees is the reason why Cotemar is always a step ahead of their competitors. Their employees enjoy high-end treatment, where they freely socialize with their bosses, are given access to world-class cuisines, enjoy laundry and cleaning services and have their accommodation catered for when they are off their shifts.


Since its inception, Cotemar has seen nothing but growth. They started out only as a company within the catering and lodging sector but have since diversified to accommodate other services. Cotemar is headquartered in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico and was established in the year 1979. With a prolific team of employees and great values, mission and vision to govern them, the company was seeing growth before they could even celebrate their second anniversary.


The company’s fleet of vessels notably expanded in the year 1981. Some fourteen years later, the company was able to make an addition of specialized vessels to their fleet. Today they continue to grow, operating a fleet of over 40 vessels and employ over 8,000 employees. Their services have also expanded to include the following;

  • Specialized Vessels

Today Cotemar owns specialized vessels. This vessels specialize to either transport liquids or solids. Some of these vessels even process oil products.


  • Transportation Services

Cotemar offers transportation services to various energy platforms. They have a number of vessels that carry employees and light materials.


  • Catering and Accomodation

Cotemar offers food and accommodation to their various clients. They have vessels that contain cabins to accommodate 2-4 people. The vessels have everything that you could imagine would make sea-time comfortable. They have TV rooms, gymnasiums, cinemas, common areas, basketball courts, ironing and laundry, and cleaning services. They also have an offshore accommodation facility. This accommodates employees who are waiting for their shifts. The lodging offers great food and employees are served with utmost respect.

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