Malcolm CasSelle: How Crypto Currency will affect Online Gaming

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are two of the most familiar words that we hear recently. These technologies are known to economists and financial experts as the future of currency. Cryptocurrency is a system using digital money that is controlled by no one. It is decentralized, and no banks on the planet can control them. Blockchain on the other hand, is a recent technological development which allows secure trading. It has a growing list of records and transactions known as block, and these are linked together. These blocks have a timestamp in them, and every transaction is recorded through a series of codes. Malcolm CasSelle, an American entrepreneur, made use of these technologies and integrated them into the gaming world.

Malcolm CasSelle is the current chief investment officer (CIO) of OP Skins, a company which monitors online virtual trading. He introduced a new system that would provide secure trading to more than 400 million online gamers, and he called the system as WAX or the Worldwide Asset Exchange. The objective of WAX is simple – decentralize trading among players, and prevent fraudulent transactions.

For starters, all they have to do is to download the application and start trading virtually. What happens when an individual uses WAX is that the trade will successfully go through without any hassles, and all fraudulent transactions will be detected, and the victims will be alerted. WAX has been praised by the gaming community, stating that it will be the future of online gaming. Malcolm CasSelle thanked those who have appreciated his recent development, and he promised the gamers that he would be doing everything that he can to improve the system, and learn more about Malcolm CasSelle.

A graduate of MIT Stanford University, Malcolm CasSelle is one of the most successful virtual entrepreneurs on the planet. His company is one of the fastest growing technology companies, and because of the success that he is experiencing right now, Malcolm CasSelle decided to divest his earnings into other profitable investments like the stock market. Malcolm CasSelle continues to become an inspiration for technology enthusiasts who wanted to bring change to the society, more information click here.

Squaw Valley Provides Official Statement Concerning Water Safety

Recently, Squaw Valley issued a detailed statement in regards to the water contamination in the upper mountain area of the resort. Coliform bacteria and E.coli were founding in the drinking water. On November 8, the issue was reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health.


The water at Squaw Valley has been consistently treated and is improving. There are four wells at the upper mountain, and three have no E.coli and low coliform levels, according to Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health.


Upper mountain restaurants are still closed, and skiers can’t drink the water until Squaw Valley is certain that the issue is taken care of. There have been no reported health issues, and top to bottom skiing is still allowed.


Liesl Kenney, the public relations director for Squaw Valley, also issued a complete statement on the behalf of the resort. She confirmed that a heavy rain in October affected several of the water systems in Placer County. The weather led to water system damage in the Gold Coast and High Camp regions of Squaw Valley. Kenney confirms that the water contamination issue is only specific to these two areas and affected water was never available to individuals staying at the resort.


Kenney also shares that the Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer County Environmental Health were contacted right away, as well as other water safety experts. The water will continue to be treated until it is completely safe to consume. Kenney also thanked the organizations who assisted in resolving the water issue in her statement.