Get Free Cell Phone Service That’s Offered By FreedomPop

Instead of wireless services becoming less popular over the years, the use of cell phones has exploded over the last past 20 years, and things will never slow down. Most people want to own a cell phone or to have access to wireless services, but the only thing keeping them from it may be a lack of money. FreedomPop has the answer for anyone who find themselves without wireless services because they can’t afford it. With FreedomPop, it’s possible for a customer to choose a free service plan that requires no monthly payment. The free service plan must be activated through FreedomPop’s website or a retailer.

The good thing about the free cell phone service is that anyone can use it, and the verification of income is not required for a person to qualify for the service. The free cell phone service can really be a big benefit to any customer who has had problems paying for cell phone service in the past. Using the free service plan can help someone who has just finished out a contract with a wireless carrier that was charging them a lot of money.

It’s not necessary to continuously use the free service all the time because anyone can upgrade to the paid service or the unlimited service whenever they are ready. The free plan contains 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages, and there is 200 MB of data included. FreedomPop allows their users to get additional data when they complete surveys, add FreedomPop friends, and complete other offers. Anyone who wants to jump up to the paid plan will only pay $10.99 every month for the plan and will get unlimited text messages and talk time. There is also 500 MB of data with the paid plan.

Although the paid plan is great with unlimited talk and text, some want unlimited data as well, so it’s a good idea for anyone who wants unlimited data to get the unlimited cell phone plan that includes 1 GB of 4G LTE data and unlimited 3G data afterwards. Anyone with an unlocked GSM phone can bring it to FreedomPop, or the customer can choose to purchase any one of FreedomPop’s great cell phones from their website or from a retailer. FreedomPop has made it very easy for anyone to have cell phone service with them, even those who can’t afford it anywhere else.