Philanthropist Sanjay Shah’s Creation of Awareness on Autism

Philanthropist Sanjay Shah was born and raised in Kenya. His family later relocated and moved to London. He studied medicine at Kings College. Along the way he discovered that he did not have the passion to be a doctor. He enrolled for an accounting and finance course where his interests were. Upon his graduation he was employed in very good firms in banking and accounting positions including Stanley Morgan and many others. He later quit employment and ventured into private practice where he started by employing university graduates in his brokerage firm. Within a very short time his empire had grown tremendously.

Sanjay Shah is the Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital which is located in England but also has offices in Dubai. He has established a very big business empire with other companies that he also manages under the umbrella of Solo Capital markets. Solo capital was established in the year 2011 as a financial institution and has since grown to be a big institution. The company’s net profits are very huge such that Sanjay ventured into being a philanthropist.

Sanjay started and organization called Autism Rocks when his son was diagnosed with autism. This was necessitated because of what his family went through in trying to get medication for his son. He managed to arrange for his sons medication and therapy.

He has managed to offer treatment to children in India who suffer from autism through his foundation. In England he bought buses to transport autism patients to and from the hospital. At one time the philanthropist felt that his businesses were doing so good that he decided to take a break from them and concentrate on his Autism Rocks foundation where he invests most of his time to help children living with autism.

This organization funds research on ways to deal with autism and runs a campaign of creating awareness. He partners with musicians and holds concerts which raise money for his organizations objectives.