A Plan to Infiltrate George Soros’ Open Society Foundation Exposed

A plan to infiltrate Open Society Foundation funded by the billionaire and owner of Soros Fund Management, George Soros have been exposed. According to a report by Raw Story, the plan was executed by James O’Keefe, right on the trace of his phone after he forgot to hang up in a conversation with a representative of Open Society Foundation, Geraghty.

During their conversation, O’Keefe identified himself as a Hungarian, “Victor Kesh.’ And as he was conversing with Dana Geraghty, James O’Keefe lies of his intention to support the society in its endeavor of promoting what he depicts as ‘European Values’ and other popular activities. O’Keefe enquired about who he could talk to about his intentions and while he was supposed to hang up his call, he forgot to do so for reasons only known to himself.

O’Keefe talked of how he planned to make hundreds such calls to the organization. He planned to open a LinkedIn page by using the name ‘Geraghty’ to ease his way deeper into the organization. O’Keefe also planned to infiltrate the organization by sending an under representative to make secret video of the embarrassing activities that the organization was involved in. Geraghty was frightened by the plan of some people opting to use his name to infiltrate the organization and to counteract the plan, she quickly forwarded the message to Chris Stone, the president of OSF.
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About Open Society Foundation and George Soros

Popularly known as the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundation. According to excerpts from New York Times, his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management has net worth of more than $18 billion. It is a family of fund dealing in international investments. Forbes position George Soros as the 27th richest person in the world with wealth worth $23 billion.

His Organization, Open Society Organization operates across the world presently in more than 100 countries. The company was run on a budget of over $800 million as at the year ended 2011. The organization is involved in promoting the fundamental values of the open society such as human rights and transparency.

George Soros is also known for his contribution and support for philanthropy, progressive ideas and liberal politics. He begin pursuing philanthropy in 1979 by sponsoring the Black students of South Africa during the apartheid period. As an accomplished author, Soros has written a number of books, articles and essays on various controversial issues including economics, globalization, society, human rights and politics. His popular books include ‘Open Society’, The Crash of 2008 and what it means’, The Age of Fallibility’ among others. Soros is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Masters in Philosophy from the University of London. Source: http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/