Securus Technologies: Connecting Families When It Matters Most

Securus Technologies has paved the way for inmates to stay in touch with their families. I watched a short video of an inmate visiting his young child via teleconference. He was able to see the expressions on his child’s face as if they were visiting in person. They could sing and laugh together while watching cartoons. The father can be there during special times in his child’s life. It was heartwarming to see how much the father appreciated being with his child due to this special technology.


With Securus Technologies videos, incarcerated parents do not have to miss milestones in their children’s lives. They can see their children’s first steps, hear their first words, or watch them go to school for the first time. There will be no more lonely holidays and birthdays. With video conferencing, it is just like the inmate is there for the celebration.


According to research, inmates who stay in close contact with family and friends while incarcerated usually do not end up as repeat offenders. Securus Technologies serves inmates and their families all across the United States. They have special software for prisons, jails, and other institutions to keep families connected. They have phone and video chatting available.


Families can also use Securus Online to manage their account. They can get email notifications and texts about upcoming visits. They can also manage which telephone numbers will be accepted. All of this information is available on smartphones and other compatible mobile devices.


 Securus Technologies is dedicated to serving facilities and families. They offer services at competitive prices that they try to keep low. Thanks to Securus, families do not have to be apart because of a loved one who is serving time. They can reach out to their loved ones by phone and video. It is a program that is connecting inmates and their families for special occasions and everyday life.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Success Of JustFab and Fabletics Under Don Ressler’s Leadership

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur, co-CEO of JustFab Inc, and the CEO of Fabletics. Starting his career at a tender age, Don is the brain behind several successful start-ups, including the notable Intelligent Beauty and its affiliates. In 2001, Ressler came together with Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media after Intermix Media acquired his firm, Intermix performed extremely well under the new ownership. In 2005, News Corps bought the firm. Ressler and Goldenberg decided to leave Alena Media, which they felt was being ignored by the media conglomerate, to pursue new opportunities.

With Don Ressler’s extensive experience in online performance advertising, the pair decided to establish a business brand that they could execute autonomously. After brainstorming with former Alena members, Don Ressler and Adam came up with the Intelligent Beauty idea. Intelligent Beauty first created an online marketplace for skincare and cosmetics called DERMSTORE. After running this venture for two years, Intelligent Beauty introduced a weight-loss system called SENSA. Here, Dr. Allan Hirsch was the head of product development while Brett Brewer, Intermix’s founder, served as the CEO.

Riding on profits, the company yet again established another subsidiary, an e-commerce fashion retailer called JustFab. The new company received funding of $33 million from Matrix partners. Kimora Simons who served as the president and creative director joined them later. After crossing the six million-member threshold in April 2012, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler held a second round of funding where they secured $76 million.

JustFab of Goldenberg and Ressler focused on expanding its brand by penetrating the markets having new opportunities. Since most of its subscribers were parents, the firm bought children’s fashion subscription service called FabKids, in Jan 2013. Later, the entity purchased The Fab Shoes, a European e-commerce site, which helped JustFab increase its consumer base by 500,000 people in France and Spain. The company already had 1.5 million European members from Germany and UK, which totaled to 3 million by December 2013.

JustFab launched Fabletics, a site for athletic wear that was developed together with Kate Hudson, in October 2013. In addition, JustFab bought its competitor’s shoe subscription service called ShoeDazzle in August 2013 on  They received $85 million funding from Passport Special Opportunity Fund and the existing investors, which raised JustFab’s overall capitalization to $250 million.