Davos Financial Group Is On The right Path With David Osio

David Osio and the other Executive directors at the Davos group, Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez, launched a mobile app not too long ago for their clients. The app they created is designed to help their clients make estimates on their real estate investment consideration to determine what kind of returns they can expect. Today, Davos is one of the leading group in the market, helping clients with some of the best strategies for investment that effectively help them reach their goals.

Gerard, one of the executive directors at David’s company, has been doing a lot of work on the product and design of the investment tool. It’s crucial to get it right in order to accurately predict a property investment’s possible gains, while also considering all expenses that need to be managed. The app can be used on the latest platforms and technology available, including almost all smartphones.

David Osio is sure that this new mobile tool is going to allow his company to further assist them and their clients in real estate investing, and also give something extra from the competition out there. Clients will be able to get estimates on rentals that are needed on property’s to find the level of income they desire from an investment. It will also let them manage the projections that are attached to the property, such as future mortgage payments.

As the Chief Executive Officer for the Davos Financial Group, David is at the helm of a group composed of a variety of different independent companies focused on financial advisory and management services. The company also ended up being one of Venezuela’s first full on financial companies covering the whole of the country. More recently, the company has also been able to expand into new places, such as Geneva, New York, and Miami. David actually worked at Banco Latina in Miami as Vice President of banking before starting up his company. During the span of 4 years, David Osio managed all the corporate departments for Banco Latino, and he significantly contributed to the overall growth of the company and its recognition.

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