Dick DeVos Has Given Millions Of Dollars To Help Others

When people are in need of assistance, they have a few places that they can go for help. The places where people can go for help tend to vary from city to city. However, many of the places that people can go for help are in existence because of people who took the time to make financial contributions. The amount of the contributions can be small or large, but all contributions matter in the overall picture. Many small contributions can add up to a significant amount of money.


In the world today, Philanthropy is talked about a great deal. People know through various sources who give certain amounts of money. Therefore, it is hard for people to give large sums of money without people finding out about the amount giving. Philanthropy helps thousands of people on a daily basis. Many people in need are able to receive help because of people who have been willing to give of their financial resources.


An individual who is known as a giver is Dick DeVos. With contributions made in his lifetime that total almost 140 million dollars, Dick DeVos has given to many different charities. Some of the charities are his own while some charities are ran by others. The charities are numerous and varied, but Dick DeVos gives. He has given for many years. His wife Betsy DeVos also gives. Both have certain causes that are special to their hearts.


Dick DeVos has financially supported causes such as education for many years. He supports public education change, and he provides help to many students looking to further their education. The amount of money given by Dick DeVos is substantial. Many people have been helped through his given.


I think that Dick DeVos has made giving a part of is life. He has done it for so long that his efforts sometimes go unnoticed, but he does not do it for publicity. Dick DeVos does it because he cares about people. The same can be said about is wife. Both have a desire to give and help others who cannot help themselves or need some help.


Dick DeVos is a very successful businessman. He has held several top executive positions at various companies in his career such as the Orlando Magic and Amway. He is the President of Windquest where he has shown an outstanding ability to lead the company as its top executive.


Dick DeVos has been able to give millions of dollars because he has been able to earn many more millions during his business career. A smart businessman who understands what it takes to be an effective executive, Dick DeVos is respected in the business world for his business savvy and dedication.


Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties Merge with the Trump Organization

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties. Sajwani took advantage of a decree by the Dubai government that allowed foreigners to own property in the Emirate. He, therefore, purchased land from the underdeveloped areas and resold it at a profit. His efforts leave Dubai a place to be admired by many people.

Sajwani merged with Trump long before he was elected the U.S. president on a long-term golf courses project and real estate development. In February 2017, the first Trump International Golf Corse was opened in Dubai.

His relationship with Donald Trump

Sajwani is impressed by Trump Organization and wishes to link it to his business. Trump Organizations focuses its services on real estate business. This is not the first time both moguls (Trump and Sajwani) have engaged in a contract. They have merged on the Trump International Golf Club project. For several years, DAMAC has collaborated with Trump Organization in the development of two golf courses. The merge exhibited very positive results.

Philanthropic Acts

Mr. Sajwani has extended his love to the public. Not long ago, Hussain Sajwani donated AED 2 million to the needy. The cash was expected to cloth more than one million needy children worldwide. This initiative was conducted during the Ramadan by Sheikh Mohammed.

About DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC

DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC is a company that develops the commercial, residential as well as leisure properties. The company extends its services across Dubai as well as the Middle East. It’s amazing that the firm can also help individuals on the real estate projects. The company was founded by Hussain Ali Habib. It was founded in 2002. Its headquarters are in Dubai.

The food business as well constitutes DAMAC Group operations. The company reminds Sajwani of his initial business expertise. To him, food industry showed his capacity of cultivating friends on different international scale places.

According to Sajwani’s and DAMAC’s experience, proper handling of cash, reigning various projects as well as controlling costs ensures a possible business growth

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The Growth Of MB2 In The Dental Care Industry Of The United States

MB2 Dental practice has 21 affiliated pediatric centers and has risen to be a top dental facility in the industry. The firm provides related offices and dental practice services all around the world. MB2 offer an assortment of services that help patients to run their operations efficiently.

Throughout the years, MB2 Dental has maintained consistent control of patient health solutions and high standards of services for patients. MB2 began with the initiation of Chris Steven Villanueva as the founder and chief executive officer.

He stated that careful observation of services available in the preexisting facilities concluded that the private practice and the Group Practice systems of dental care had too many problems to offer customers with quality solutions. Steven’s primary aim of seeking up MB2 was to allow dentists to enjoy their dental practice careers while benefiting by providing smooth clinical answers to dental patients.

According to White Pages, the end goal of creating MB2 Dental was the combination of talents from private medical experts and group practices to alleviate the negative characteristics of both worlds. Since its initiation in 2009, MB2 has realized its vision and currently has more than 70 employees and more than 60 associated dental branches. Under the leadership of Chris Steven Villanueva, MB2has expanded to open affiliate clinics in more than 60 states in the United States. The dental clinic enables doctors to run their practices efficiently and maintain management of patient care and standards of the medical practice.

The facility’s trademark motto states that making oral health a priority to make the patients proud is the primary objective. In 2014, CDI Group formed a partnership with MB2 and oversaw the implementation of Priority Dental Plan. In collaboration with MB2, CDI created an effective marketing strategy that includes plan brochures, postcards, posters and tabletops showcases.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental care company that works as a partner with affiliated dentists and practitioners all around the world. To date, MB2 has 100 percent of the clinical autonomy with the assistance of the affiliate clinics. The facility offers training courses to affiliated dentists seeking to advance their careers. Member hospitals working with MB2 all handle the dental practice while MB2 manages the operation. Learn more about more MB2 Dental: http://thecdigroup.com/portfolio/mb2dental-solutions/

The sector of the business such as human resource, accounting, credentialing, billing and collecting, IT, procurement, training, business’ development and marketing. MB2 Dental focuses its efforts on providing patient care and excellence to every customer that subscribes to their services.

Cotemar Mexico | A Leading Provider for The Energy Industry

Cotemar Mexico is a leading provider for the energy industry in Mexico. The company maintains a highly-skilled and trained team of employees. Their employees exude high understanding of this highly- dynamic industry. They are well-compensated and the company’s management maintains a friendly environment for them. Such treatment of their employees is the reason why Cotemar is always a step ahead of their competitors. Their employees enjoy high-end treatment, where they freely socialize with their bosses, are given access to world-class cuisines, enjoy laundry and cleaning services and have their accommodation catered for when they are off their shifts.


Since its inception, Cotemar has seen nothing but growth. They started out only as a company within the catering and lodging sector but have since diversified to accommodate other services. Cotemar is headquartered in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico and was established in the year 1979. With a prolific team of employees and great values, mission and vision to govern them, the company was seeing growth before they could even celebrate their second anniversary.


The company’s fleet of vessels notably expanded in the year 1981. Some fourteen years later, the company was able to make an addition of specialized vessels to their fleet. Today they continue to grow, operating a fleet of over 40 vessels and employ over 8,000 employees. Their services have also expanded to include the following;

  • Specialized Vessels

Today Cotemar owns specialized vessels. This vessels specialize to either transport liquids or solids. Some of these vessels even process oil products.


  • Transportation Services

Cotemar offers transportation services to various energy platforms. They have a number of vessels that carry employees and light materials.


  • Catering and Accomodation

Cotemar offers food and accommodation to their various clients. They have vessels that contain cabins to accommodate 2-4 people. The vessels have everything that you could imagine would make sea-time comfortable. They have TV rooms, gymnasiums, cinemas, common areas, basketball courts, ironing and laundry, and cleaning services. They also have an offshore accommodation facility. This accommodates employees who are waiting for their shifts. The lodging offers great food and employees are served with utmost respect.

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Jason Hope; The technology enthusiast

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futuristic, philanthropist who is passionate about the technology. His business handles technologies from various fields in research and development. He focuses on the development of mobile apps, gaming software, desktop software and devices that adopt the connectivity as well as the capability of technology to improve the human well-being and enhance the quality of life.

Jaosn Hope says that he is always looking for new ways to utilize technology infrastructure to its full capability. Hope states that as a futurist he will work with individuals and business to show them the right direction when they are planning and developing state of the art technology.

Hope notes that starting a business is never a simple task or even launching a brand new idea is not an easy thing to do. He says that it all starts with a good idea however that’s just the beginning of the journey taking a simple idea from the ground can be the hardest part. Jason Hope’s business experience allows him to help the individuals and start-ups owners to bring their ideas to life.

Jason Hope gives support and builds up the future entrepreneurs as they begin their journey into the world of the technology. Jason Hope notes that often young entrepreneur have ideas with great potential but they lack the insight and funds to bring these ideas to fruition. Hope funds and offer insights to high school and college students so that they can jumpstart their great ideas that have the potential to become technological breakthrough. He says that if a person has the right idea, he is able to provide the required support to make the idea become a reality.

Through research, studies, and deep analyzing he is able to offer the great insight to the future of the technology. As a result, Jason Hope has written a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT). He believes that the IoT will be much valuable than it is currently. He says that business and investors must embrace the IoT now so as to survive in the future world because the IoT will cease from being called thing and it will be part of everyday human life.

The Capital Group Management Success

Board of Directors of Capital Group elected Timothy as the chairman in 2015. He succeeded James Rothenberg, who died of a heart attack. Tim holds a bachelor‘s degree in Economics in Middlebury College, qualifying as a participant in The Associates Program at Capital, which is the leading investment management firm in the world during his early career life. He covered telecommunications and service companies with his experience in investment. Before becoming chairman and CEO, Timothy Armour was the key deputy of the former chairman. He chairs both the Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company.

Timothy Armour’s work includes overseeing the company’s operations and implementing the overall business strategies. Among those backing in-house research meant to show the long-term benefits of various kinds of the management fund was Timothy.

However, he had advice for investors that they should look for active managers who will not settle for less or average or agitate their selections. Example, Blockbuster rose to $5 billion, and Netflix was a fledging having something in common. It turned out that Blockbuster went bankrupt and Netflix soared to $45 billion and grew strong, proving that success is about studying the details of the company against the possibilities of the future.

Read the full article: http://www.wsj.com/articles/you-dont-have-to-settle-for-average-investing-returns-heres-why-1476717440

Capital Group partnered with Samsung Asset Management that offers hope for the corporate retirement plan for the employees. The partnership was to co-develop retirement solutions and asset allocation products and also enhance SAM’s investment capability. On this scheme, Timothy thinks that its broader plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill savings, retirement and insurance-linked needs for Korean investors.

Armour also has a perspective on the September market selloff of 2015. He thought that China was responsible for 15% of the world’s GDP, making it a greater influence on the global market than never before. Developed countries like Europe, Australia, Japan and HONG KONG have no choice but to deal with the potential of a decline in export activities as a result of China’s continuing impact on the world’s economy.

Janet Yang, CFA says that she thinks the success of the Capital Group was brought about because of the significant contributions of Timothy’s ability to peer into the future by scrutinizing the needs and demands of businesses and the long-range requirements of employees. Tim was the best choice for the seat according to Janet Yang.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Moves to Streamline Service Delivery

Property records are a key component in ensuring clear title conveyance. In a tactical move aimed at curbing the growing problem of title defects, Nationwide Tile Clearing, Inc (NTC) will release property reports online. According to National Mortgage News, the problem of title defects is a major issue in the real estate market. The issue continues to cause unwarranted cases of foreclosures and hinder secondary market asset transition. The company has taken a pragmatic step to make it easy for clients to obtain property reports online.


Some of the reports that can be accessed online include; Tax Status (Plus) Report, Assignment Verification Report Services, Tax Status Report and Current Owner Report. The reports are based on research performed on actual land records. Most of it comes from the counties. The largest portion of title defects and invalidation can be traced to people or companies laying claim to properties that belong to other people. The other factors that can invalidate a title include:

  • Lack of signature of important parties such as a spouse
  • Wording that is out of step with real estate standards of a given area
  • Shortcomings in real estate filing or recording procedures
  • Failure to remove past liens and other encumbrances


According to the CEO of NTC John Hillman, title defect problems can also be overcome by ensuring a simple and efficient property securing process. He reiterates that it is very important to address reported defects in good time before a property is sold or transferred. NTC provides research and document processing services to diverse groups of financing and mortgaging companies. The company attributes its success to its ability to understand and provide the right, end-user solutions.


About Nationwide Title Clearing

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc is a Palm Harbor, Florida based bond and mortgaging company. The company specializes in providing research, document processing and auditing service to US based residential mortgage servicers, investors and mortgage lenders. According to Manta.com, the privately held firm was established and incorporated in Florida 1992.


The company has a strong workforce of over 150 employees. Its annual revenue stream is between $100 million and $500 million. The firm has been posting steady growth in recent years. According to National Mortgage News, it was ranked the 26th fastest growing company in Tampa on the 2013 Fast 50 Awards. NTC also made it on the Inc 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US.

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Philanthropist George Soros Is Not Giving Up The Battle Against Trump

Some people call Donald Trump the “Twitter-in-Chief.” Donald likes to send an endless barrage of short social messages. The fact that Trump won the election is not music to anyone’s ears that voted for Clinton. The amount of backlash from the 2016 election is unprecedented. Millions of voters are still in shock, and they don’t know what to do about it. But there is one man that is not pulling back, and just accepting Trump as the most powerful leader in the Western World. His name is George Soros.

George Soros is the billionaire humanitarian that spent more than ten million to get Hillary Clinton and other Democrats elected. Some people say Soros spent more than $14 million on the election, and he is not done giving. Ever since Trump won, there has been a surge in hate crimes. The Southern Poverty Law Center recorded more than 800 hate crimes since the beginning of November, and that number doesn’t include online harassment. The eighty-six-year-old Soros is a Holocaust survivor, so hate crimes are something he has a hard time accepting. George Soros decided that he would put up more than $10 million through his Open Society Foundation to track hate crimes. The federal system is weak when it comes to tracking hate crimes, so the Open Society Foundation will pick up the federal slack, according to Amardeep Singh. Singh is the program officer for the National Security, and Human Rights Campaign at the Open Society Foundation.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

Hate crimes aren’t the only issue that George Soros is addressing when it comes to Trump’s win. The Democratic Alliance Donor Club recently had a conference in Washington to discuss the Trump situation. Soros is the founder of that alliance. The Democratic Alliance wants to keep Trump honest during his first 100 days in office, and every day after that. In other words, George Soros and other Democratic heavy hitters will make sure that Trump doesn’t make a mockery out of the presidency. That seems to be a tall order at the moment, but Soros is used to challenges.

The George Soros story should be a movie, and probably will be when he passes on. George fled Hungary during the Nazi occupation. He went to London, and he was able to enroll in the London School of Economics in 1947. He earned two degrees from that institution. He started to work in the investment industry, but a friend told him about an investment job in New York. Soros got the job, moved to New York, and started his illustrious investment career. Over the last 60 years, George Soros has been able to build a personal fortune. He is one of the wealthiest people on the planet. But he is not afraid to give his money away to help promote Democracy and freedom.

Trump may have won the election, but he is in the battle of his life with people like George Soros. Soros doesn’t lose often, and when he does, he makes adjustments. Trump has no idea what the Soros adjustments will be, but he will know soon.

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Explaining the Importance of Solvy

Alexei Beltyukov is one of the few individuals who understand the importance of quality education. The successful serial entrepreneur has a medical degree from one of the reputable universities in the world. The businessman was recently appointed to become the chief operating officer of a startup known as Solvy.

Solvy is a robust online system that was established to make math education easier and more accessible, especially to the educators and students in the United States. The software was introduced a year ago, and it has enabled students to solve challenging equations, tables, word problems and graphs online. Solvy also helps the students to get instant feedback when they have completed their math drills.

Alexei Beltyukov is one of the Interactive Educational Services board members, and this means that he has all the understanding about the type of direction the software should take so that it can become helpful to all the stakeholders. According to the serial entrepreneur, the main aim of the educational software is to make math easy in high school. Solvy is planning to make everything easier for the educators so that they can understand and also manage the progress of their students. Afterward, these educators can also give the students the feedback from the software.

At the moment, Solvy is expected to focus on the subject that gives many Americans sleepless nights: mathematics. Most students underperform in the subject, making it one of the least preferred subjects in school. The software will allow the students and educators to explore and also study math in a customized and fun approach. The app will track the performance of the children, and personalized recommendations will also be offered to help the children to understand and get better results. Alexei Beltyukov also says that the students will now understand how professionals in the industry use math in the real world for work and play.

Solvy will also be a great tool for the teachers. It will introduce a new automated homework and exams for the students according to the set parameters. The educators will also be able to give assignments according to the needs of the students. The assignments will be completed in an efficient and timely manner.

An In-Depth Review of Labaton Sucharow With Focus On Firm’s Whistleblower Assistance

Many law firms came up after the 2010 amendment of the Consumer Protection Act to support the development of the fight against securities violations. As a result of the amendment, the SEC Whistleblower Program was born to address the vast problems that were hindering the development of a system that could assist whistleblowers to easily share details while presenting information that can help to solve complex cases of violations. Before the program was developed, many people who had vital information that could assist in the fight against securities violations were not courageous enough to face the risks that were present at the time.


One of the risks they had to fight was getting victimized for investing time in the fight against wrong doings. Due to the fact there were limited procedures to protect whistleblowers, many perpetrators would threaten those who held information that could expose their ills. This is no longer a problem because whistleblowers can now report anonymously and there is guaranteed protection against any form of intimidation from the perpetrators, employers and any other person who might be interested in the flow of the case.


The international reporting capability that also came along with the program helps whistleblowers to share information from remote locations. One is able to send details about the violations they come across from other jurisdictions seamlessly. The SEC improved the infrastructure that deals with the submission of information to ensure anybody with facts can find an easy avenue to pass their message to the body for consideration.


Labaton Sucharow

With the emergence of the SEC Whistleblower Program, several law firms came up with systems that are designed to work with whistleblowers to help them present their cases more efficiently. One of the firms that entered into this field is Labaton Sucharow, a U.S.-based firm that has been in the industry for over 50 years.


Labaton Sucharow saw a gap after the formation of the SEC Whistleblower Program and in response formed a whistleblower representation service. Through this service, each whistleblower enjoys the support of a SEC Whistleblower lawyer trained to deal with matters that call for high level investigation.


The whistleblower also benefits from the guidance of a registered SEC Whistleblower attorney. There are many laws that govern the SEC and each whistleblower is expected to exhibit complete understanding of these regulations. Failure to comply with any of the laws could lead to problems in the resolution process to verify the information presented by the whistleblower.