Securus Technologies: Connecting Families When It Matters Most

Securus Technologies has paved the way for inmates to stay in touch with their families. I watched a short video of an inmate visiting his young child via teleconference. He was able to see the expressions on his child’s face as if they were visiting in person. They could sing and laugh together while watching cartoons. The father can be there during special times in his child’s life. It was heartwarming to see how much the father appreciated being with his child due to this special technology.


With Securus Technologies videos, incarcerated parents do not have to miss milestones in their children’s lives. They can see their children’s first steps, hear their first words, or watch them go to school for the first time. There will be no more lonely holidays and birthdays. With video conferencing, it is just like the inmate is there for the celebration.


According to research, inmates who stay in close contact with family and friends while incarcerated usually do not end up as repeat offenders. Securus Technologies serves inmates and their families all across the United States. They have special software for prisons, jails, and other institutions to keep families connected. They have phone and video chatting available.


Families can also use Securus Online to manage their account. They can get email notifications and texts about upcoming visits. They can also manage which telephone numbers will be accepted. All of this information is available on smartphones and other compatible mobile devices.


 Securus Technologies is dedicated to serving facilities and families. They offer services at competitive prices that they try to keep low. Thanks to Securus, families do not have to be apart because of a loved one who is serving time. They can reach out to their loved ones by phone and video. It is a program that is connecting inmates and their families for special occasions and everyday life.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Success Of JustFab and Fabletics Under Don Ressler’s Leadership

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur, co-CEO of JustFab Inc, and the CEO of Fabletics. Starting his career at a tender age, Don is the brain behind several successful start-ups, including the notable Intelligent Beauty and its affiliates. In 2001, Ressler came together with Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media after Intermix Media acquired his firm, Intermix performed extremely well under the new ownership. In 2005, News Corps bought the firm. Ressler and Goldenberg decided to leave Alena Media, which they felt was being ignored by the media conglomerate, to pursue new opportunities.

With extensive experience in online performance advertising, the pair decided to establish a business brand that they could execute autonomously. After brainstorming with former Alena members, Don Ressler and Adam came up with the Intelligent Beauty idea. Intelligent Beauty first created an online marketplace for skincare and cosmetics called DERMSTORE. After running this venture for two years, Intelligent Beauty introduced a weight-loss system called SENSA. Here, Dr. Allan Hirsch was the head of product development while Brett Brewer, Intermix’s founder, served as the CEO.

Riding on profits, the company yet again established another subsidiary, an e-commerce fashion retailer called JustFab. The new company received funding of $33 million from Matrix partners. Kimora Simons who served as the president and creative director joined them later. After crossing the six million-member threshold in April 2012, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler held a second round of funding where they secured $76 million. These funds were sourced from Crossover ventures, Rho ventures, Matrix Partners and the mother company, Intelligent Beauty.

JustFab of Goldenberg and Ressler focused on expanding its brand by penetrating the markets having new opportunities. Since most of its subscribers were parents, the firm bought children’s fashion subscription service called FabKids, in Jan 2013. Later, the entity purchased The Fab Shoes, a European e-commerce site, which helped JustFab increase its consumer base by 500,000 people in France and Spain. The company already had 1.5 million European members from Germany and UK, which totaled to 3 million by December 2013.

JustFab launched Fabletics, a site for athletic wear that was developed together with Kate Hudson, in October 2013. In addition, JustFab bought its competitor’s shoe subscription service called ShoeDazzle in August 2013 on The enterprise finally took their services offline by opening up their main store in September 2013. They received $85 million funding from Passport Special Opportunity Fund and the existing investors, which raised JustFab’s overall capitalization to $250 million.

Davos Financial Group Is On The right Path With David Osio

David Osio and the other Executive directors at the Davos group, Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez, launched a mobile app not too long ago for their clients. The app they created is designed to help their clients make estimates on their real estate investment consideration to determine what kind of returns they can expect. Today, Davos is one of the leading group in the market, helping clients with some of the best strategies for investment that effectively help them reach their goals.

Gerard, one of the executive directors at David’s company, has been doing a lot of work on the product and design of the investment tool. It’s crucial to get it right in order to accurately predict a property investment’s possible gains, while also considering all expenses that need to be managed. The app can be used on the latest platforms and technology available, including almost all smartphones.

David Osio is sure that this new mobile tool is going to allow his company to further assist them and their clients in real estate investing, and also give something extra from the competition out there. Clients will be able to get estimates on rentals that are needed on property’s to find the level of income they desire from an investment. It will also let them manage the projections that are attached to the property, such as future mortgage payments.

As the Chief Executive Officer for the Davos Financial Group, David is at the helm of a group composed of a variety of different independent companies focused on financial advisory and management services. The company also ended up being one of Venezuela’s first full on financial companies covering the whole of the country. More recently, the company has also been able to expand into new places, such as Geneva, New York, and Miami. David actually worked at Banco Latina in Miami as Vice President of banking before starting up his company. During the span of 4 years, David Osio managed all the corporate departments for Banco Latino, and he significantly contributed to the overall growth of the company and its recognition.

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Watching Over One’s Own Online Reputation

There is a lot that goes into running a business. One major aspect of running a business is managing one’s own online reputation. Even for people that don’t have a business of their own, online reputation is very important. There are a lot of issues that could result from taking a hit to reputation. For one thing, the right type of damaging information could result in people losing their jobs, relationships, friends, and plenty of other bad consequences. Therefore, it is important for people to work very hard in managing their own reputation. It is very important to be proactive about online reputation management.

A bad hit to someone’s reputation often shows up on the first page of the search results. As a result, people who search for the name of the person or the company will find the bad review on the search page. This would result in the person’s world being turned upside down. Unlike newspapers, search results will be on the front page for a long time. The only way to change it is by adding new optimized content for each keyword so that the client will eventually get his life back on track and salvage as much of his life as possible.

One aspect of online reputation management is looking for a company that will provide the content that is needed to improve the reputation. One of these companies is Fix Search Results. The experts at this company are very skilled and thorough in their providing of optimized content for every keyword that the client appears in. This will not only remove the bad news from the front page of search results, but will also replace them with good news. People will be more interested in doing business with the client and even hiring him because of his newfound good reputation.

Fun and Fashion With Fabletics

Living a healthy life should be a top priority for people everywhere. Staying active is often the first step on the road to better health. The world of fashion has found a way to keep up with people’s needs while making sure everyone can still look amazing. Fabletics is a clothing company centered around physical fitness and healthy living. Giving their customers a variety of options on what to wear while staying active has opened the door to more people than ever before. The stylish and affordable styles are available to everyone, making Fabletics a household name among fitness addicts everywhere.

The co-founder of Fabletics, actress Kate Hudson, has always put in the extra effort to include nutrition and exercise into her busy life. She has been using Fabletics and all it has to offer as a platform to spread her message of healthy living to her fans. Because of the immense amount of recognition the brand has gained over the years, Fabletics has been able to expand to benefit new demographics from all around. For example, Fabletics has been in the midst of introducing store fronts so customers have a greater level of access to clothing. Designers have also been working on new lines of clothing for activities other than the gym or yoga class.

Athleisure is a growing trend that has taken the fashion world by storm. For what seems like forever, people have waited for clothing that both looks and feels great. By combining current styles with the comfort and versatility of activewear on, clothing companies have been able to cash in on this trend while customers can be comfortable each and every day. Having released their own line of athleisure earlier this year, Fabletics has seen nothing but success. Kate Hudson herself has spoken about how much she loves the new dresses and how they can be work for daytime activities, or nighttime partying. With clothing as impressive as this, there no longer seems to be a need to look at other brands at

Kate Hudson and Fabletics has found a way to reach fashion minded people everywhere. With a health conscious mission in mind, the clothing offered by Fabletics can be worn to the gym just as easily as it can be worn in class, running errands, or going out for drinks. With the added bonus of the membership options, this company has found a way to reach all types of people. Because the savings that members are offered ever month, looking great has never been so easy. Fabletics is making fitness trendy and leaving competitors in the dust. With everything this company has to offer, shopping anywhere else is out of the question.

The Marc Sparks Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is a wealthy man. He has spent much of his life building his empire. However, he is also a very humble man. He does not consider himself to be a better person than others are.

However, he does make an effort to work hard than others. His efforts have paid off in a big way. He is among the most successful people in the country. In addition, he has written a book to guide others on how they can become successful too. In it, he outlines how he became successful.

Business Interests

Mr. Sparks did not become rich by investing in a single business. He instead worked on multiple projects all at once. He has invested in telecommunication. Read more: Marc Sparks | Facebook

He sees it as holding the most potential for success in the future. Mark Sparks is always looking for opportunities to expand his business interests. As a result, he spends a considerable amount of time looking into startups to give capital. However, he only invests in a startup if it looks like he could get his money’s worth. Although other businesspersons tend to avoid this speculative investing, Mark has enjoyed a lot of success doing it.

His Advice for Startups

According to GoodReads and, Mark Sparks is a venture capitalist. As a result, he knows how best a startup can get the financing it desires. For one, a startup should be unique. It can be done by putting a twist on an existing project. Also, one can come up with a new product. However, he advises small businesses against attempting to use old ideas. Venture capitalists rarely give their money to old ideas.

In addition, small businesses seeking to grow should use the sales data. The data needs to be presented in an organized manner to show the potential it has. In most cases, the presentation is nearly as important as the business idea. One needs to ensure the venture capitalist gets all the important facts with ease.

The Spark Tank

It is an incubator of sorts started by Mark Sparks. The tank does not just provide capital to the business. Business owners get connections to people in the industry. As a result, it improves the likelihood of success. The startups also benefit from professional advice on how to organize their business. As a result, they can improve efficiency and grow profits.

Mr. Marc Spark is not just a businessperson. He spends much of his time and money on philanthropic courses. His main charitable work is in his Dallas community. He is part of an organization that assists high school kids to get a diploma. For startups looking for serious investors, Mark Sparks is the right man. He has great work ethics that pushes people to their full potential.

White Shark Media is an Accomplished Firm

Miami is home to a number of media and internet marketing firms. White Shark Media is one such company and it is known for managing AdWords campaigns. Small and medium-sized businesses do rely heavily on affordable marketing strategies in order to draw in customers. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

Bing and Google AdWords campaigns may be among the most cost-effective to take part in. Under the expert management of the White Shark Media Review staff, a campaign may end up generating a solid cost-per-click ratio. That means fewer dollars are spent to pull in strong revenue figures.

White Shark Media is a mid-sized business itself, but it still oversees millions of dollars in client advertising budgets.

The company can also boast about being a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. What that means is White Shark Media has reached Google’s highest level of eligibility and training standards. If there was any indicator that White Shark Media was able to meet customer expectations, it would be this acknowledgement from Google itself.

Customer testimonials provide a first-hand account of what the company can do. The manager of a furniture store reports White Shark Media helped the company close “over $100,000 of business thus far”. $100,000 is absolutely a huge sum of money to generate. White Shark Media directly contributed to this outcome.

On a company-produced YouTube video, the firm’s management noted it has “redoubled efforts to improve customer experience and results”. This indicates that White Shark Media is always seeking to evolve and change in order to best serve clients. Client concerns are taken seriously and, when necessary, operational improvements are instituted in order to ensure satisfaction.

White Shark Media also offers other services that are sure to be of great interest to anyone interested in a comprehensive internet marketing campaign. Logo design is one such service. A solid logo that is absolutely enthralling can do a lot to attract customers. For those wondering if their total search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing plan (SEM) are working well, a comprehensive evaluation may be performed.

The firm offers a free basic SEM evaluation to potential new customers. Calling the company’s main number and speaking with a representative can get the ball rolling with this process.

Overall, White Shark Media is a solid search engine marketing and AdWords management firm that has helping clients achieve business success as its primary goal. To learn more, take advantage of the free evaluation offer.

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Kenneth Goodgame is a Brilliant Leader

The economy is recovering at a rapid rate. Four years ago, the economy was in horrible condition, but now every sector has grown considerably. Now that most businesses are planning to expand, there is a huge demand for leaders that are up to the challenge of growing the business. They need hardworking, smart, and honest leaders at the top. Several major names are in demand, but Kenneth Goodgame might be the brightest star.

Kenneth has been in the hardware industry for several years. He started his career by receiving a degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. After graduating from Tennessee, Kenneth was extremely excited to accept a job with The Home Depot. The Home Depot has always been a major player in the hardware market, and Kenneth knew he could make a major impact there.

Kenneth had several jobs during his eight years at The Home Depot. He started as a product merchant, ensuring that the indoor garden section of Home Depot had the most successful possible products. Eventually, Kenneth became Senior Global Product Merchant. He helped the company launch several successful John Deere products. Eventually, Kenneth was recruited by Newell Rubbermaid.

Kenneth worked at Newell Rubbermaid for five years. He started as the head of the cleaning division. He made the division extremely profitable in just two years. Kenneth ended his time at Newell Rubbermaid as a Senior Vice President. He helped the companies marketing and sales teams. He primarily focused on Irwin PTA and Shur-Line painting products.

Today, Kenneth works for True Value. He enjoys his role as Senior Vice President and Senior Merchandising Manager. He loves managing the massive purchases that True Value has to make. He looks through every detail to ensure that the purchases go well. Kenneth also enjoys turning around the buying teams at True Value to ensure maximum efficiency. True Value is extremely happy with their hire, and they hope to keep Kenneth on their team for years to come.

Leadership is vital during this economic expansion. Companies that want to grow should hire talented leaders like Kenneth Goodgame. He is a great leader that is taking True Value to new heights.

Avi Weisfogel’s Mission To Improve Lives

There are many Dentists in this world, but very few are as ambitious and caring as Avi Weisfogel. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. He Specialties in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dental sufferers, and dental fears.

He is so talented in his chosen field that he often helps patients that come to him by other dentists who did not know how to help their patient.

Avi Weisfogel has a strong desire to help people in the best way possible. The desire to help people leads him to continue education whenever he can. He averages two hundred hours of continuing education every year. Due to the education he receives, he can help a larger amount of people while reducing discomfort and fear.

He uses his talents to support the organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an organization started in 1980 to help children in need throughout the world. They specialize in cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities. The organization has done over 200,000 surgical to date. Weisfogel is so passionate about this cause, that he works to raise money to donate. He wants to see this work continued.

He leads a full life, yet his talents do not end here. He has entered the music world! He is involved in making hip-hop music and is talented enough to have a large group of followers on Soundcloud! Very few people have the ambition, style, and kindness to accomplish all of this.

The Influential Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. He was always fascinated with computers since he was little. When Pulier was 8 years old he began programing. In 1984 he graduated from Teaneck High School. After graduating high school, he went to Harvard. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988. He received his bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature. In college he also studied visual & environmental studies and computer science. While attending Harvard, Pulier was the author and editor of the PulierLeg which was part of the Harvard Crimson Weekly.

In 1991 Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles. He than founded a company called People Doing Things which uses technology to address healthcare, education, and various issues. In 1994 he founded Digital Evolution which is an interactive agency. Pulier than came up with Starbright World. This is a social network site for chronically ill children. They can chat, blog, post, and meet other kids who have similar illness.

Pulier was chosen to build the Bridge to the 21st Century for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. This took place in Washington D.C. During this project Pulier showed how people would live in the future. In this showcase Pulier also showed interactions with astronauts during this project. Winograd asked Pulier to serve on the board of the Center for Telecommunications Management at USC Marshall School. Pulier did this for four years.

Pulier donated to a lot of non-profit organizations. He also serves on the board of the X-Prize Foundation. He is also active in camps for children such as The Painted Turtle. Overall, Pulier is a great man and is known as an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist.